Below are a few places online where you can purchase quality fidget spinners. Many of the shops below provide free shipping, especially on orders over a minimum threshold.


iFidget: Fidgeting Redefined



A great place to find quality spinners. They have the traditional plastic styles as well as many stainless steel styles. They also have batman themed spinners. Additionally, iFidget offers a free spinner and free shipping when you spend over $60.

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SpinnerCraft: Quality Crafted Flow








Another excellent source for high quality customized spinners. They have many spinners that are different than your traditional 2 and 3 arm styles. Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $40.

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Must Ave.

Must Ave: Must have premium designs




This page has some of the most rare spinners that you will find online. Their name Must Ave. is a play on words because a lot of these spinners are must have toys for the enthusiast. Get 2-3 days shipping along with discounted deals when you join their mailing list.

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